Read This If You Have Eczema Problems

Lots of folks suffer from eczema, but not everyone knows how to treat it. Do you need to learn about controlling eczema? Keep reading for some good advice on eczema.

Avoid hot showers. Daily showers need to be short and warm. Avoid scented soap and get something for sensitive skin. Once your skin is clean, gently pat dry.

Don’t scratch. Eczema can really make you uncomfortable a lot. If you scratch, though, you will just feel the need to continue scratching. You could actually harm the skin and bring on an infection. Moisturize as often as possible and use a cold compress which can relieve symptoms.

If you afflicted with eczema, do your best to minimize your exposure to stressful situations. Eczema often flares up when you are under stress. If you’re under some stress, try relieving via exercise, meditation, and other relaxing activities. You can keep flare-ups to a bare minimum by keeping stress to a minimum as well.

Wear clothes that do not irritate or scratch your skin. Many fabrics, particularly synthetics ones, are notorious for causing flareups. Cotton is always a good choice. Make sure that you launder new clothes before you put them on. Use a detergent that’s mild for this.

If you are an eczema sufferer, make sure you keep your skin properly moisturized. This is one of the best ways to keep your flare-ups under control. Moisturize as often as possible, especially after you bathe so your skin stays soft and supple. Do not use moisturizers that contain fragrances or scents.

Make sure you keep the temperature in your house fairly consistent. Temperatures of one extreme or another can result in skin irritation and eczema flares. When it’s hot out, use the air condition and run a humidifier when the temperature is low. This will stop your skin from becoming overly dry.

Opt for ointments when choosing a moisturizer. They are typically better than lotions and such because they lock moisture into the skin. Creams or lotions can fail to do this. Ointments are much more helpful when dealing with cracked skin.

There are specific triggers for eczema and it is important to figure out what yours are. Is it your soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, perfume, moisturizer or clothing? If you are overly stressed, or if you tend to sweat a lot, it can act as a trigger. Once you learn what your triggers are, stay away from them the best you can.

It has been found that atopic dermatitis can be treated more effectively through the use of text messages as reminders. Atopic dermatitis is also known as a very common type of eczema, a skin condition. This study was conducted at Harvard Medical School, and it shows it was successful for patients above 14.` Not only did it help these patients stick to their treatment plan, at the end of 6 weeks they also had less eczema. Many wished the program could continue.

If you have eczema that is really patchy, a humidifier is something that can help you out. They will help emit steam in the air. This moisture will stop dry air causing eczema flair ups. This will allow you to have comfortable and smooth skin no matter what time of the year it is. Be sure to keep the humidifier clean so that you do not wind up with other health problems.

Try not to take hot showers. While a hot shower is bliss while inside, it can lead to skin irritations. If you are affected by eczema, avoid taking hot showers. Instead you should take a shower with water that is the same temperature as the room. Gently clean your skin, using moisturizer right after you’re done.

Identify the triggers of your eczema. Dust mites may be the culprit for some people. For other people, soaps that have scents are to blame. Make sure that you identify your trigger points that might lead to an outbreak. While some habits must be changed, taking necessary steps is definitely worth it in the end.

Try to wear gloves throughout the day to prevent dryness. Protecting your hands is important. When you are washing dishes by hand, put on rubber gloves to prevent irritation. Wear gloves made of cotton for housework and leather gloves in the cold. Stay away from woolen items. It’s very irritating.

Get a humidifier if you have eczema. Dry air makes your skin dry, and can cause eczema, especially during the winter months. A humidifier will put moisture in the air so your skin won’t get as dry.

If eczema is something you deal with only sporadically, you may have a trigger that is akin to an allergen. Avoid harsh household chemicals, as well as laundry products with fragrance. Pay attention to when you break out, to see if you can figure out what might be causing the problem.

Get rid of those throw rugs and carpeting. Just like people with allergies, those who suffer from eczema can have big problems by having rugs and carpets in their home; they hold dust and debris that can cause flare-ups. You would fare better with tile or wood floors.

Avoid clothes with itchy seams and tags. This will cause itching of your skin, which can exacerbate your eczema. Buy tagless clothing, or cut them off. Watch out for seams that could become uncomfortable when worn for prolonged periods. You can turn your underwear inside out to avoid rubbing, too.

When bathing, use a mild body wash or soap instead of one that has added perfumes and scent. A lot of the time the chemicals that are in a fragrance are what irritate skin. Hypoallergenic soap or baby soap are two great choices.

Watch out for very tight clothing. Wearing tight clothing can be very damaging to your skin. That causes your eczema to come back. Wear clothes that do not construct or rub against your skin. You will also be able to avoid excessive sweating that also makes eczema worse.

Now you have gained a much better idea of ways to control your eczema. Simply gather the right information, like that presented here, and put it to work. Best of luck to you in managing your eczema.